6 Reasons Why Interior Designers Need 3D Modeling

6 Reasons Why Interior Designers Need 3D Modeling

In the world of interior design, there are few tools as powerful as 3D modeling. It’s a necessity for some designers because it can be used not only to communicate an idea or concept but also to create and plan designs before any construction or renovation is done. Here are six ways that interior designers need 3D modeling:

1. 3D modeling allows you to see the design before it’s built

3D modeling allows the designer to see what they’re creating in 2-dimensions. This way, they can make changes ahead of time and imagine how it will feel in three dimensions when completed. Of course, this won’t replace seeing the finished product in person, but it will save money on building materials because changes can be made early on in the project instead of after construction has already begun.

2. 3D modeling makes it easier for measurements

With complex designs that require complex mathematics, mistakes could easily be made. 3D modeling allows the designer to see exactly how measurements will work together and ensure that everything fits perfectly.

Also, with CAD software, there are no math problems involved when trying to figure out how much material is needed for your project. The computer does that work automatically instead of having to do tedious calculations by hand or with a calculator.

3. 3D modeling can be used for virtual reality tours of spaces

With a compelling video, the designer can show off their design and allow people to tour it virtually without ever leaving home. A major benefit of this is that people who would not otherwise be able to visit the space could still get a first-hand look at what they’re buying or renting out as a commercial space.

4. 3D models are easy to share with clients and contractors

When working on someone’s house or office building, many times those involved may not want others to know about the project until it’s finished due to security reasons or just wanting to surprise people when the project is done. 3D models allow the designer to share their vision with others without giving away too much detail that could cause contractor or client problems in the future.

5. With 3D modeling, there is no need for physical prototypes or mock-ups

Creating a physical prototype can be expensive and time-consuming, which means wasting valuable resources. Drawing up ideas on paper is easy, but it will not give someone an idea of what this product would look like when completed.

6. A 3D model presentation is better for clients’ approval and marketing

It’s easier for clients to make approvals and changes to a virtual representation than it is to change something that has already been constructed and takes up space in a room. In addition, the use of 3D modeling will impress clients and make them want to work with you in the future based on your artistic talents alone.

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